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2019年8月27日下午,APDF第二个区域性国家分会在美国犹他州盐湖城宣布成立,APDF创始主席何昌成专程前往美国主持了本次成立仪式,塞尔维亚前总统、全球一带一路理事会理事Boris Tadic、纽约哈莱姆特社区市长、联合国亲善大使、喀麦隆王母德洛伊斯·布莱克利博士、中国海洋战略论坛一带一路基金会主席刘健、国际信息发展组织主席李世恩及各国友人共同见证并出席了成立仪式。
On the afternoon of August 27, 2019, APDF's second regional country branch was announced to establish in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The founding chairman of APDF, He Changcheng, made a special trip to the United States to host the ceremony. The former President of Serbia and the Council of the Global Belt and Road Council Boris Tadic, Mayor of Harlemt Community in New York, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Dr. Delois Blakely, Queen Mother of Cameroon, Chairman of the China Ocean Strategy Forum, Belt and Road Foundation, Liu Jian, Chairman of the International Information Development Organization, Li Shien, and friends from all over the world witnessed and attended the inauguration ceremony.

At the same time, the launching ceremony of the IAI l Design Award and the IAI Jewelry Innovation Award (US Station) was also held in the same period of the same day. The important guests from all over the world witnessed this ceremony.


It is reported that this is the second national chapter of APDF since the establishment of the Greater China Council in Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2013. In the future, APDF will carry out various forms of design activities in the United States to promote global design cooperation and promote the exchange and development of folk culture in the design field between China and the United States and even between Asia and North America.At the same time, it will play a positive role in the design of China for the world, and even lead the future design sustainable development.The inauguration ceremony of the APDF USA Chapter was held during the UN NGO Conference and was announced under the witness of UN officials and authorities. With unprecedented specifications, the establishment of APDF USA will undoubtedly further strengthen APDF's authority and influence in the international design field.


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